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Criminal Code Offences

woman pointing a gun in greyscale
Firearms and Weapons Offences
arms of a woman lying in a bed in greyscale
Sexual Offences, Public Morals, Disorderly Conduct
shadow of a man on wall in greyscale
Offences against the Person and Reputation
broken window in greyscale
Offences against Rights of Property
man in suit from behind walking away in greyscale
Fraudulent Transactions
man smoking in greyscale
Controlled Drugs & Substance Act
man from behind in an escalator in greyscale
Proceed of Crime
Crowd in greyscale
Criminal Conspiracy

Other Related Criminal and Disciplinary Offences

Prostitution, Gaming and Betting Order
Public Order Offences
Forbidden Acts in Relation to Property
Invasion of Privacy
Offences Against the Administration of Justice
Professional Disciplinary Law
Terrorism Related Offences
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Currency related Offences
Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedom
Competition Act
Extradition Act
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