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With over 30 years of experience in criminal law, Daniel Lighter is dedicated to providing discreet, top-tier representation, caring for each client and managing every case with professionalism and personal attention.

Daniel Lighter, is most aware of the particular personal challenges for both our clients and their families as they navigate through the complex and oftentimes intimidating criminal justice system. He makes it his responsability to guide his clients from start to finish, providing explanations, anticipatory information and inclusion throughout.

Me Lighter’s goal first and foremost, is to ensure the best results at each stage of proceedings, while also offering reassurance by continually informing his clients along the way. For Me Lighter each case is to handled individually, with creativity, empathy and good judgment. His clients can rest assured that they are well prepared, well informed and vigorously represented throughout the criminal justice process.

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Experienced Legal Representation

Daniel Lighter is known as one of Montreal’s top sources of criminal legal counsel. Lighter began his career as a Crown Prosecutor and has been a criminal defence attorney for over 25 years, accruing the years of experience that have made him an expert on the ins and outs of Canadian criminal law, practising primarily within the Montreal and surrounding court system.

Our clients benefit from Lighter’s pragmatic assessment of their cases. From the beginning he sets achievable objectives and works diligently to achieve them. 

Me Lighter pleads in both French and English. He covers jurisdictions of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

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